3 iPad Pro Accessories You NEED to Consider

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the iPad Pro. I’ve written about it enough and I use it all the time especially for writing my blog posts. There are some accessories that absolutely make my iPad better and this post is going to cover them.

1) The Apple Smart Keyboard

Probably a no brainer and something that features on almost all blog posts of this nature but for good reason. I love this keyboard, I love the feel of typing on it and honestly, I really do not think another keyboard can compare. It connects via the smart connector and requires no charging as is powered by the iPad itself. It’s always connected, always on and is a must-have addition if you plan on using your iPad for typing.

2) ProCase

Whilst I love the Smart Keyboard for its typing experience, it doesn’t provide protection for the back of the IPad on its own. Enter: the ProCase. This case is *designed* to work with the Apple Smart Keyboard and only covers the rear of the iPad, meaning it leaves space for the Apple keyboard to connect and protect the front of the iPad. It’s a fantastic concept, made even better by also including an area to store the Apple Pencil.

3) Fast Charging Brick

Now this one is something that I didn’t buy initially. I actually only purchased this around two weeks ago but now I couldn’t be without it. If you use your iPad a lot then you will want to be able to charge it back up quickly and a fast charger will do this for you. The one I have is a RAVPower 40W 4-Port USB charging brick and I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in the amount of time my iPad takes to charge when using this. It’s not been a lot, maybe half an hour or so but when your device is low on battery and you need to use it, 30 minutes can make all the difference.

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