5 Tech Accessories I Cannot Live Without

Apple’s iPad Pro in-box charger is great but I always like to have a back up so that I can have one upstairs and one down. This 30W Anker one is great. It’s powerful, compact and reasonably priced too. I also went ahead and purchased Anker’s USB C to USB C 6ft cable for some extra length as I’m not always near an outlet and sometimes I need to use my iPad whilst it’s charging.

Keeping on the iPad theme with my next accessory, this tablet stand by Lamicall. They actually have a newer model out which they suggest when you try to purchase this one but I’m not a fan of the way it looks and much prefer the height you get with this model. I have a few Lamicall products and really rate them for both value and quality.

If you don’t already have one of these then you are missing a trick, big time. The one I have linked isn’t the exact one I have as I’ve had mine for a while now and couldn’t find it on Amazon. However I paid roughly the same and they look pretty similar too. These mini iPad bean bags are a real game changer. No more holding your iPad up to read it, just go totally hands free whether you’re sitting up or lying down. I use this thing every day without fail and now that I’ve passed my iPad Pro 10.5 inch down to my husband he’s bought one too (after trying to steal mine every night for about a month might I add!). Definitely one of those purchases that looks like it’s a bit over the top at first, “a bean bag for your iPad?”, but once you have it you’ll know you made the right choice.

Now this last one without a doubt is over the top but I still love it and use it every time I’m not using my Apple Pencil or charging it. It’s an Apple Pencil case by Fintie. I think it would be best utilised if you have the 1st gen pencil as it gives you a place to store the charger cap etc but it still works great for the 2nd gen. As someone who likes to really take of their stuff I cannot stand the thought of my Apple Pencil getting damaged and being knocked off my iPad and so for travel/storage, this works great. It’s also pretty sleek and can hold a spare cable for your phone and any other small accessories you want to keep with you.

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