Hello, my name is Charlotte.

I’m a Cardiff based blogger, who until 2019 blogged under the guise of chxrlotterose. I rebranded to Charlotte Rose Writes at the start of 2019 and here we are. A proper site with a domain and everything, fancy-schmancy huh? Only took me almost six months after rebranding but we’ll forget about that.

I write about tech, productivity and blogging and post every Sunday at 10am. I love discovering new apps, gaming, finding new ways to improve my productivity and blogging about it along the way. Charlotte Rose Writes actually started out as a “bit of everything” blog but after a while, I realised that not all of the things I was blogging about were my true passions and so I shifted my content to things I truly care about and that’s the content you get today.

I would love it if you subscribed but you can also follow me on Instagram @charlotterosewrites and Twitter @chxrlotterose