Apple Arcade Games I’m Playing | March

I mentioned in my post earlier this week that I finally succumbed to Apple Arcade and became a subscriber and I’m super happy with my decision. I’ve already in the few days that I’ve been subscribed found three games that I absolutely love (along with a bunch more that I’ve downloaded but not played yet) and I know I’m only going to find more.

It seemed only right to create a new series on the blog dedicated to the Apple Arcade games I’m playing, seeing as I already have one about iPhone/iPad Games. It didn’t make sense to me to merge the two as I still play games that are separate from Apple Arcade and I feel like it would get confusing to discuss the two in the same post/series. There’s just something about that that my organisation loving mind cannot deal with.

The first and probably my favourite (so far) game that I want to talk about is Jenny LeClue. Good God how I love this game. The animation, the storyline, the music, the gaming style; it’s all right up my street. I love detective books and games and when I saw this on Apple Arcade I downloaded it straight away. I won’t spoil anything by going in too deep but the story starts off with an author who writes a detective series and follows the goings-on of said series and the main character, Jenny LeClue, as the author is actually writing it. The characters are very likeable and I cannot rave enough about the animation style. Everyone should download this game in my opinion and if you’re thinking about becoming an Apple Arcade user this game may just sway you.

I didn’t intend on ranking these games but somehow it’s ended up that way. My second favourite currently is Spyder. Oh gosh, the main character in this is just SO cute; think Short Circuit meets Wall-E. You play a robotic spider spy (spyder, get it? Who doesn’t love a pun) who has to use all of his (I just feel like he’s a he y’know) gadget abilities to save the world and stop the bad guys. This game is freaking awesome, I love how Spyder screams in a squeaky robot voice when he’s doing something dangerous. He’s pretty adorable for a robot, ngl.

Last but absolutely not least is Cat Quest II. If you didn’t know, my husband Will and I have a cat called Mabel and I absolutely love cats and anything cat related, to be honest, and after playing Cat Quest previously I had to download the second one after seeing it was on Apple Arcade. This game was one of the ones that made me decide to bite the bullet actually. This is a brilliant little action RPG where you play as both a cat and a dog. You fight monsters, complete quests and even have a little sword! Much like the other games I’ve talked about this game has a great storyline and it’s really nice to see well thought out games come to the iPad. This game is super cute and very addictive, it, unfortunately, doesn’t have controller support whereas the other two games do but it’s not something that affects gameplay, to be honest.

I’m really excited to see what Apple Arcade has to offer as the months go on and I’m looking forward to documenting if with these monthly posts. Let me know if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber and if so, what games you’ve been playing!

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