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I’ve spoken about my love for my iPad Pro quite a bit on charlotterosewrites. I’m a long time Apple fan and I use my iPad all the time. I’m using it right now to write this post and I use it a lot for blogging in general as well as reading, watching YouTube videos and general internet use. I’ve had two different wireless keyboards for my iPad, one that is standalone that I’ve had for about 7 years. It still works fine but for me, a keyboard for my iPad needed to be attached to the iPad case to be truly functional. The other was part of an iPad case, however, it was pretty cheap and whilst it looked pretty nice and felt nice to type on, there were a few issues that I just couldn’t put up with and every time I would use it I would just end up googling other keyboards I could buy instead.

Fast forward to my newest purchase, Apple’s dedicated iPad Pro 10.5inch Smart Keyboard. I must have watched nearly 30 videos on this keyboard along with God knows how many articles and reviews. This is the keyboard that nearly all people looking to use a keyboard with their iPad Pro have and for good reason. Most of the keyboards out there connect to the iPad via Bluetooth, Apple’s keyboard connects via the Smart Connector. Three little dots found on the side of the iPad which magnetically connect to the Smart Keyboard folio case. This provides not only the seamless connection to the iPad, meaning no need for pairing with Bluetooth etc but also the power source for the keyboard itself. It’s fantastic and means right out of the box you can connect it to your iPad and use it without doing literally anything else.

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The typing experience is something I had heard mixed reviews about. Some people absolutely love it, others prefer the feel and experience of a traditional laptop-style keyboard. I personally like a very flat keyboard, I like hardly any sound when I am typing but also enough sound that you get a little bit of ASMR whilst you work (if you haven’t heard of ASMR you are missing out!). This keyboard is just that; nice, flat, soft keys that give just a bit of sound when you type but certainly nothing as load as a regular keyboard.

One of the other draws of this keyboard was how little bulk it adds to the iPad itself. So many other options out there are reviewed well until it comes down to the weight or size of them. The Apple Smart Keyboard is so slim and lightweight that it really adds almost nothing to the iPad at all. Now whilst the lack of weight is great what this keyboard folio case does not offer is any protection at all for the back of the iPad. I think this is definitely something Apple could have added and I’m not really sure why they didn’t.

Luckily though there is a workaround for this because there is no way I would have purchased this keyboard otherwise. Sure I want a good typing experience as I write a lot, but not at the expense of my iPad, that would be dumb. I went ahead and purchased a companion case for the Apple Smart Keyboard from Amazon by ProCase. This case is designed specifically to work with the Apple Keyboard and provides not only protection to the back of the iPad but also gives you somewhere to store the Apple Pencil so that it doesn’t get lost or broken. I love the design of this because unlike a lot of cases that offer Apple Pencil storage, this fully protects the pencil rather than just having a loop where either end of the pencil sticks out leaving it open to damage. With the ProCase on the back of my iPad, I know it’s completely protected and I couldn’t be happier with this case and setup now.

Another great perk of this keyboard is that it is completely sealed, meaning any spills or dirt etc won’t get inside and damage it. If you love Apple products and are looking for an iPad Pro keyboard that is lightweight, feels great to type on (providing you like flat keyboards) and is also spill-proof then this very well may be the one for you.

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