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When it comes to blogging you’ve got to stay organised. I know I do, I don’t know where I would be without organisation tools. I would have scraps of paper with all my blog post ideas on, random post-it notes littered all over my desk with things to remember to do and it would just be a hot mess. Today’s post is can help you get organised too, and even if you already feel like you are these apps may just help you feel it even more.

Things 3 is a to-do app which has helped me organise things even more than I did more and I was pretty organised before. Things 3 enables you to organise on such a level that you would be hard pushed for a task or reminder *not* to have its own place. It allows you to create areas, e.g. ‘Blog’ and then within that you have the ability to add in projects e.g. “Blog post idea: 5 Blogging Tips” and then add tasks to that project and subtasks to the tasks as well. Things arrange your tasks either within their designated areas as you decide or within ‘Today’ which shows you all tasks for that day. You can also view ‘Upcoming’ tasks, tasks due ‘Anytime’ and tasks that are just for someday in the future via the ‘Someday’ view. It’s a great app for keeping you organised and on top of things and whilst it’s £9.99, I think it’s really worth it.

MindNode is a brainstorming app that I use when I need ideas to be really visual. Sometimes you just need to get things down and see how visually topics will work together, e.g. for a series and MindNode helps you do that. You create mind maps to display your ideas and can include things like stickers, tags and different colours to make things stand out. Some of these features are only available in the premium version (£2.49 a month after a 2-week trial) but I use the free version and find it works fantastically for blog planning.

Later is my Instagram scheduling app of choice, it’s the best layout I have come across by far and unlike most, it doesn’t charge you. I use this to schedule around 3/4 posts at a time as I still like to be able to post spontaneously if I wish but it makes a huge difference when it comes to having a post ready on the day a blog post goes live. I use this on my iPhone but I couldn’t not include it in a post about blogging resources.

Hootsuite is the app I use for scheduling tweets to promote my blog posts. I don’t have time throughout my day to constantly be tweeting and this really helps promote my posts whilst also giving me some work/life balance. There are a few apps like this that you can use but Hootsuite is my favourite right now.

I hope this instalment of Blogging Resources has been helpful, let me know if any of these apps are new to you and if you find them useful!

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