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This post is the third and final in my blogging resources on an iPad Pro series and covers the apps I use for editing my photos as well as saving them in a smaller file size to avoid clogging my blog with massive photos.

I hope this series has been helpful in showing you that you don’t necessarily need a laptop to blog. You can write, organise your content and edit your photos all from an iPad (and for even more power an iPad Pro) and personally I think blogging on an iPad makes the whole process much easier, but more on that in a later post.

The first app I want to talk about and probably my most used when it comes to editing photos is Lightroom. As someone is who not well versed in photography as such I find this app easy to use for the non-professional. I’m able to brighten and sharpen my photos as well as adjusting other elements such as; contrast, highlights, exposure, saturation, clarity, de-hazing and shadows to name but just a few that Lightroom has to offer.

Lightroom also has a set of filters you can use to further adapt your photos, I particularly like the ‘Bright’ filter as it can be helpful for photos that need just that extra bit of lightening up when you don’t want to adjust the exposure etc any further. I save my photos to my iPad via Lightroom and save as a smaller version of the original image using the ‘save as’ feature. You could probably get by with just Lightroom alone, to be honest, it’s a really well-rounded app that hosts a wealth of features in the free version which works just fine for me and even more if you fancy opting for the premium account.

Retouch is an editing app that I use to remove unwanted objects from photos. Usually, specks of dust that may show up on a keyboard shot or maybe a tiny ink smudge from a page in my bullet journal. This is such a time saver when it comes to not having to take a photo again simply because you didn’t realise at the time that your photo wasn’t exactly how you wanted it. I have a white desk that I try to keep clean by dusting regularly but sometimes I get an idea for a blog post and a photo to accompany it, think the photo looks fine to the naked eye and then later when I’m editing it I realise it’s not. I know most people will use an app like this for so much more than removing little imperfections from photos and it certainly has much more potential for what I use it for, but I think it’s good to remember that apps don’t always need to be complicated.

I’ve tried both Retouch and Adobe: Photoshop Fix and I much prefer Retouch. It works better in my opinion at removing blemishes from photos without smearing things you want to stay. Whereas Photoshop Fix I found seemed to be a bit more unruly. You can also use Retouch to remove lines from photos or entire objects, something I’ve not used in my blogging photos but have played around with and it works really well. This again, like Lightroom is a free app and is a must-have for bloggers and photographers alike. I actually used to have tonnes more photo editing apps but eventually, I realised I just didn’t use or need them. Lightroom and Retouch do everything I need when it comes to photo editing and for the majority of people, I think that will also be true.

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