Digital Journaling with Day One

I’m a big fan of journaling and have previously used my bullet journal to journal in. I think journaling is good for your mental health and helps you start or end your day with a clear head. In fact it’s even nice sometimes to just journal off the cuff and I love that I can use my phone as well as my iPad to do that, now that I’ve switched to digital journaling. I switched to Day One around a month ago and whilst I was apprehensive at first, I’m a huge fan of digital journaling now. I say switched, I haven’t stopped journaling in my bullet journal completely but I am using Day One more than I am more bullet journal now. I’ve taken to using my bujo more so for when I just feel like using pen and paper, which actually isn’t all that often anymore but still happens.

For a long time I felt like journaling had to be with pen and paper in a proper diary. I also felt like it had to be only about memories of a certain event or just about your day in general. My journaling has evolved a lot over the years and I no longer feel as restricted when it comes to my writing. Now I write about all sorts of things in my journal. I write about how my day has gone, or if I’m journaling first thing I might write about a dream I had or the plans I have for the day ahead. Sometimes I whip out my phone and use the Day One app on there to get some thoughts out of my head.

I really didn’t think it would be for me after being a classic diary keeper for so long but I love it. I feel like my entries are better protected behind Face ID and a passcode and I love that I can add photos or handwritten text and doodles if I want to. I also love being able to type my journal entries using my iPad and Smart Keyboard.

I find journaling can be so helpful when it comes to clearing your mind and freeing up a bit of space. Especially during the current pandemic. If you haven’t tried digital journaling then I would really suggest you try Day One and see what you think.

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