First Impressions of iOS 14

This week I finally installed the iOS 14 public beta onto my iPhone XR. I was a bit concerned after hearing about some pretty annoying bugs that people were experiencing but wanted to give it a go.

It took way less time to install than I thought it would, although the settings app did crash twice when asking for my passcode but once it was installed it was fine. I actually didn’t really notice any major issues (other than the storage issue of course) with regards to apps crashing or things not working. I ended up only having the beta 2 for like 4 days as beta 3 is now out (and this one has had a couple of bugs for me) but I found it to be very impressive.

So lets talk about the features that stood out to me immediately; home screen widgets and the app library.

These are undoubtedly my favourite things about iOS 14, so far. I wasn’t 100% sure how I would feel about the app library but actually I love it. It’s taken a little getting used to as I was previously someone who had everything sorted into folders with my most used apps on the first page of my home screen and in my dock. However, now I have deleted all of my folders and just use the app library to access apps. I still have my home screen, now complete with a smart stack widget at the top which currently holds weather, music, Siri suggestions, notes and reminders. I’m definitely looking forward to when third party apps can have widgets in this area.

I haven’t noticed any issues so far, nothing that makes me think “oh this isn’t good”. I’m actually really excited about this update and I’m eagerly awaiting when it’s released in the Autumn so that we have full access to everything, so to speak. I’m also curious to try iPad OS but I need my iPad for my business so can’t risk it just yet as there are certain third party apps that I need to be able to use.

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  • I normally cave and do the beta on all of my devices but I have remained strong so far. I think I want to wait until it is fully baked and released later in the year. Have you had much chance to play around with Shortcuts yet? I am really looking forward to that as well as being able to change the default email app.

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