Getting An Apple TV 4K

I was very lucky to receive an Apple TV 4K from husband last week for my birthday. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while, but had no idea he was planning on getting me and it was a very nice surprise. I’m pretty late to the party with Apple TV I feel, most people have had one (or more than one) for a while whereas I have been a Fire Stick/Chromecast user for the last few years. I have to say though, now that I’ve got Apple TV I want one in every room I have TV in.

I love the interface and how easy watching/listening to anything is now that I can AirPlay to my Apple TV. Everything is laid out really neatly and is easy to find, whereas I do find the Fire Stick a bit clunky and slow. A bit of an unfair comparison I know, seeing as there is quite the price difference between the two devices but it’s something I noticed immediately all the same.

Something that I definitely wasn’t expecting is how fantastic the included remote is. I wasn’t expecting it to be so sleek but it’s amazing. The top part is a touch pad where you can navigate by swiping or pressing down on the pad to select, and the remote is also rechargeable with the included lightning cable. In general it feels exactly how you would expect an Apple product to feel, high quality and well made.

Even though each TV in my house is a smart TV, now that I have Apple TV I haven’t even bothered using the built-in apps. Now that I have Siri at my fingertips, searching for something to watch is so simple, even though you can use your phone to type when searching to make it easier, I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever do again now that I can use Siri instead. I use Siri quite a lot on my Apple Watch but Siri on Apple TV feels like it’s true home. It works so seamlessly, it’s just brilliant.

The feature I have undoubtedly used the most so far though, in spite of my excessive use of Siri, has to be Apple Arcade. I love Apple Arcade and I think it has a fantastic selection of games which is always getting bigger and better and now I have access to all of those games on my TV. It really is just like console gaming when you pair with a PS4 or Xbox controller which is what I’ve been doing. At the moment I’m playing Beyond A Steel Sky and absolutely loving it. Highly recommend if you like adventure games with a cyber-punk style.

I know the Apple TV is more expensive than most but I definitely think it’s worth the money and I for one will be adding another to my Amazon Wish List quicker than you can say, Christmas.

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