How I Use My iPad Pro

I had an iPad mini years ago and I remember being so excited when I first got it and getting my current iPad was no different. I now have the iPad Pro 10.5 inch and the Apple Pencil. When I initially decided to invest in an iPad once more I knew I wanted one but I didn’t really know how I was going to use it. I assumed just for browsing on the sofa in the evenings instead of getting my laptop out, maybe reading and playing a few games but I didn’t buy it for a specific purpose. Fast forward to almost two months later and that’s all changed. I now use my iPad for SO much and I can’t imagine how I managed to buy it without realising just how much I could use it for.

First of all, it’s excellent for all of the regular stuff that I knew I would use it for when I got it, Netflix, games, web browsing, YouTube etc I also use Pinterest on my iPad a lot. Probably more than I do on my iPhone and that’s saying something because I use Pinterest a lot. Since the new software update I’ve been really loving writing blog posts on my iPad, I’m writing this one on my iPad right now, using my Anker Bluetooth keyboard (insert affiliated link here and tag this post for affiliate links). I like to use the Notes app to do this, purely because I know it autosaves without fail. I have had a few issues lately when writing my blog posts where I’ve forgotten to save and I’ve lost an entire evenings work so I find writing them in a totally separate app really helps. Sure, it means I have to copy and paste the text in around the images when it comes to adding the content into the Squarespace editor, but honestly, I don’t find that to be a big deal at all. Something else I’ve reverted back to using since the software update is the Reminders app, I now use this on both my iPhone and iPad and I really like the new look and feel of it. 

Sticking with the theme of blogging, photo editing. Most of the time I still edit photos on my MacBook but every now and then I find it so quick and easy to use Lightroom right on my iPad. As I have an iPhone the photos as already on the iPad and it’s a bigger screen to look at whilst I’m editing. I definitely didn’t see myself using my iPad for blogging but I really like it and love how quick and easy it is. It’s nowhere near as heavy as having a laptop on your lap and it’s great for being able to write a little bit before bed and then switch right back to the Kindle app. I do actually have a Kindle, which I still use a lot as the battery life is amazing and I love how dim the screen can go at nighttime. However, I still like to use the Kindle app on my iPad from time to time.nhy

If you’ve followed me for a while then you’ll know that I love bullet journaling, one of the ways I like to use my iPad is in conjunction with the Apple Pencil. I have Procreate which is a brilliant app for creatives. I like to use it to practice cover pages, doodles and just for relaxing. Drawing is such a good way to unwind and I love practising different doodles. I’m not very good at drawing so for me this is a great way to practise and get better without wasting tons of paper!

I hope this gave you a few ideas on how you can utilise your iPad more if you’re not already using it for writing/drawing. I think a lot of people associate an iPad with just being for watching Netflix on the go and playing games but there is so much more they can do and I really don’t think I could be without mine anymore! 

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