How to Be Productive Whilst Working from Home

Probably a question a lot of people have asked themselves over the past couple of weeks and as someone who already regularly worked from home I have a few tips that help me stay productive when I’m not in the office.

1) Get up as close to your regular time as possible

Now I don’t expect you to do this if you had a super long commute previously, but getting up at a similar time and not just sleeping in every day makes a big difference to how you view working from home and your mood when you wake up. When I’m in the office I get up at 5 am and when I work from home I get up at 6 am. I still have plenty of time to run, shower and get dressed before I start at 7 am, which is the same time I start both in the office and when WFH. This helps me stay in a routine and also gets me motivated for the day ahead.

2) Get dressed

Following on from my first tip, always get dressed. If I’m running before work then I shower and get dressed afterwards before starting work. However, if I’m running on my lunch break or after work, I get up and put my running stuff on, wash my face and brush my teeth and then make a coffee and start work. This way I feel ready for my day which I never really do if I work in my pyjamas.

3) Listen to a podcast

Music also works well but there is something, for me at least, about a podcast that seems to get me in a better frame of mind when it comes to working. Some of my favourites are:

  1. A Slab of Glass

  2. DailyTekk AfterParty

  3. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

  4. Getting Caught Up

4) Use a Focus Timer

I mentioned in the March edition of my New Apps to Me series that I had been using Forest for helping me focus. An app which uses the Pomodoro Technique to split your work up into manageable sessions which then allocate you a small break between each session. I find this helps me focus better as well as manage the amount of time it tasks to complete certain tasks. It’s a great way of working whilst at the same time reminding you to take regular, small breaks to make a drink or walk around the house.

If possible, a home office setup is also a great addition as it gives you a dedicated place to work that separates your work from your home life. It’s not 100% necessary if you don’t work from home a lot, I’ve worked from my sofa with a laptop tray which I find works really well as long as you sit up straight. However, if you’re going to be working from home more than a couple of days a week you may want to consider investing in a good desk and chair to prevent any back or posture problems down the line.

I hope this post has provided a few helpful tips. I know with COVID-19 a lot of us are working from home, but I also wanted to include some tips for those that may be working from home full time and are new to it as it can be quite a change, to begin with.

If you have any further tips for being productive when working from home, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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