HP Sprocket 200 | Review

If you haven’t heard of a Sprocket before then let me explain a little about what it actually is. The Sprocket is a handheld printer, literally the size of your hand that prints out small polaroid style photos (the Sprocket 200 paper is 5×7.6 cm in size) using ZINK (zero-ink) paper which has a removable backing paper so that you can stick them down or you can leave the backing paper on and put them in a frame etc. There are a few different models, the original HP Sprocket, the HP Sprocket 200 and the HP Sprocket Plus, which prints slightly larger photos. I have the white version (it also comes in black) and it has a grey speckled design on the front.

I’m using mine to complete my year in photos spread in my bujo and also to memory keep in my daily journaling, also within my bullet journal. I’ve used it a few times now and I’m impressed. The photo quality is brilliant, the photos print so quickly and I love that you can essentially use them as stickers. There is an accompanying app which you use to connect to the printer wirelessly and also use to edit your photos.

The paper is kind of expensive but I guess considering the ink is literally within the paper and the printer requires no cartridge, it’s justified. You can get a pack of 20 sheets on Amazon for around £10 however you can also get a pack of 50 for £18.99 which is what I did. I don’t use it every day, just when I particularly want to include a photo with my journal entry for that day so I think 50 sheets will last me a good while. The printer also comes with a 10 pack of paper so at the moment I haven’t even opened the 50 pack I purchased.


If you’re looking for a little printer to either accompany your bullet journal or just to print out little photos for scrapbooking or memory keeping then I would 100% recommend the HP Sprocket 200 or even the Plus size if you wanted slightly larger photos than 5×7.6 cm. The Sprocket 200 is currently £69.99 on Amazon which I think is an amazing price and the Plus is around the £120 mark depending on which colour you go for.

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