I Have a Problem With Keyboards

It’s not really so much of a problem as it is somewhat of an addiction. I just love trying new keyboards and collecting them, not really sure what the reasoning behind this is. Other than how they look aesthetically or how they sound/feel when typed on, those are usually the main things that draw me to a keyboard and my latest purchase is no exception.

I’ve had my eye on the Logitech K380 for a while, mostly because of how nice I think the circular keys look. I also wanted a keyboard that I could use with my iPad when I’m at a desk and want to use my iPad stand to provide a more comfortable angle. I still absolutely love my Smart Keyboard Folio and use it a lot, but also wanted something that would mean when writing at a desk, my neck wasn’t hurting. It’s been out of stock for ages on Amazon though, I guess WFH has meant a lot of technology has been purchased. Finally, it came back in stock a week or so ago and I bit the bullet and went for it. I went for the Rose colour as I thought it would nice to add a bit of colour to my setup and I’m very happy with my choice here.

It types way nicer than I expected it to and from reviews alone, I expected it to be pretty nice to type on. It is super quiet, probably the quietest keyboard I own to be honest. The round keys are easy to navigate and I really like how you can connect it to multiple devices (3 in total) and connect to each device via F1, F2 or F3 after you have stored each respective device to one of those function keys. This is a great feature as it means you could have one external keyboard for say, your iPad, MacBook and iMac and connect to either device by the literal press of a button. Pretty nifty.

I really like Logitech peripherals, I have two of their mice and two of their keyboards and I’ve been really happy with all of them. They make really good quality products at pretty affordable price points, as well as making them aesthetically pleasing too.

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  • Interesting. Have you tried many keyboards with “novel” key placements? I’m a big fan of the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort, where the left half of the spacebar can be set to be backspace. I find it sooo much more natural than having backspace in the top right, though admittedly this keyboard is probably a bit big for an iPad – I use the Magic Keyboard with my (2014 – still going strong ) iPad. The biggest frustration with the Microsoft Sculpt is you have to trigger a switch to move between Function keys and media keys – which normally would be fine as I don’t really need to use the media keys, however the ‘print screen’ button is part of the media keys and end up using that a lot . That and they die and need replacing after about 2 years.

    • That sounds interesting. I’ve not tried any keyboard like that. I like the idea though, I think it’s great that there are way more choices over how your keyboard is laid out now, especially if you type a lot as you discover exactly where you would prefer things to be! I’ll check the Sculpt out.

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