I Like Apple Mail?

I see a lot of articles about why people don’t like the native Apple Mail app and what app they prefer to use instead. Now of course, apps are totally personal preference. The reason I use Things as my task manager of choice might be the exact same reason you dont use it. The same goes for mail apps, there are certain apps that offer features that people just fall in love with and no longer want to be without. A few years ago there was a mail app that I loved, I can’t even remember the name of it now but like most good mail apps it died a death and never came back. Since then I’ve stuck with the Apple Mail app and honestly? I really like it.

Sure, it doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles to get excited about but it manages all of my email accounts, of which I have 4. I have 3 with Gmail and 1 with Apple and having them managed by one app is way better than having multiple apps for different email providers, personally.

What I’ve realised after using the native Mail app for so long is that actually, what is most important to me is just having all of my email accounts in one place and being able to view all of my inboxes at once via one main inbox. The Mail app does this fantastically in my opinion. I really don’t need anything fancy when it comes to email. I’m a big fan of using native apps where possible and where it suits. Before using Things as my task manager I used Reminders and I really liked it. I still do to be fair and I still use it for the shared list function as it’s handy for sharing grocery list items with my husband. I also could never see myself replacing Safari, it literally makes me shudder to think of something like the Google Chrome icon being on my home screen. I don’t have anything against Google, I just like using apps native to my device where possible. Especially being a Mac and iPad Pro user where everything connects seamlessly, it just makes sense to me.

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