iPad & iPhone Games I’m Playing | March

I’ve recently gotten into Little Alchemy 2 and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I didn’t play the first one although I remember reading about it, not sure why I didn’t download it at the time as it’s right up my street. I like that you can dip in and out of it whenever you have a free moment or if you have plenty of time you can sit for hours trying different combinations. If you haven’t heard of Little Alchemy before, it’s as the name suggests an alchemy game where you start off with two elements as such, combine them to create something else and then keep trying different combinations to create new items. It’s a fantastic game with so many possibilities and the best thing is, it’s free and available on both iPhone and iPad.

Spelltower+ is a word game that I downloaded at the end of February and have played almost every day since. It’s a little like a large scale version of Boggle. You start off with a bunch of letters and have to make words from them, the longer the word the more points. It has daily challenges, which fascinate me as the winners of the day always have like 12/13 letter words and I think the longest word I have ever managed is like 9 letters. This is definitely one of those games where you start it thinking you’ll be able to spell loads but ends up being much harder than it looks. It’s available on both iPhone and iPad for free.

It’s Literally Just Mowing is a surprisingly addictive game about, you guessed it, just mowing. You drive around on a ride-on lawnmower mowing lawns using directional gestures to control your mower. It’s actually quite satisfying and calming in a way, not my usual game but one I’m enjoying all the time. Available for free on both iPhone and iPad.

I’m a big fan of cooking games, something about the fast-paced nature of them has always appealed to me. Probably stems from when I had my first Nintendo DS and played Cooking Mama. Delicious: Emily’s Road Trip is a new cooking game I downloaded this month, to go with the other 4 I have and whilst it’s very similar to the others I’ve been enjoying playing it all the same. It’s part of a whole series of ‘Delicious’ games so there are tonnes more to choose from as well if like me, cooking games are your thing.

Elder Scrolls: Blades is a game that is new to me as of this month and I’m obsessed with it. I’ve been playing this without fail every single day after work for at least 45 minutes but often longer. I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fan and this is a really impressive game considering it’s on the iPad. You create a character and complete various quests in order to earn money and restore the town along the way. You can interact with people and this really feels like a game that has had a lot of effort put into it whilst it still being able to be compact enough to not lag on an iPad or iPhone. Another thing I love about this game is that as it’s available on both iPadOS and iOS and you can pick up form either device right where you left off. I honestly cannot stress how much I love this game. If you’ve played Skyrim, Oblivion etc then I think you will really like this. It’s free and the graphics are brilliant.

I’m going to do one of these posts each month, covering games both new to the app store and new to me, so feel free to leave me any game recommendations in the comments below.

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