Is The Apple Pencil Worth It?

This is one of those questions that a lot of people ask and like with most purchases the answer I think, is pretty simple; yes if you have a use case for it.

Granted, you may not have discovered your use case yet but chances are there is probably one for you. Maybe you don’t currently know how you would use an Apple Pencil but really want one anyway and have stumbled upon this post to give you some ideas as to how you could use it in your everyday life, for example. Not everyone see’s the Apple Pencil and immediately knows how it could work for them but it’s a fantastic tool and one I think a lot of iPad users can benefit from.

You don’t have to be an artist to have the Apple Pencil for one thing, let’s just clear that up right away. The. Apple. Pencil. Is. Not. Just. For. Artists. It’s not even just for creatives. Plenty of people have an Apple Pencil and only use it for digital note taking. Maybe you prefer handwritten notes but in a digital format so that they can be stored more securely and accessed anywhere?

With that being said though if you do happen to love drawing or doodling or maybe you’re a designer or tattoo artist perhaps, the Apple Pencil teamed with Procreate is going to be a dream come true for you. The different brushes available to you within Procreate along with the other fantastic creative apps out there are brilliant. The Apple Pencil is pressure sensitive and therefore reacts to the amount of pressure you use with it, just like a pen on paper. This goes for writing too and if brush lettering or modern calligraphy is your thing then again, the Apple Pencil opens a new world for you.

Digital planning and bullet journaling is a huge thing now, something I will be covering in more detail in another post soon. Plenty of people now exclusively plan digitally, meaning less paper waste and the ability to erase things easily if they make a mistake. I personally prefer this to traditional paper planning and I love that I can back up my journals too. You can use pretty much any PDF annotation app to use a digital journal with your Apple Pencil but my favourite is GoodNotes.

There are so many things you can use the Apple Pencil for and I use mine near enough everyday, either for digital bullet journaling, note taking or with Procreate/Affinity Designer. If any of the use cases I have mentioned appeal to you or you can think of another way you could utilise the Apple Pencil feel free to leave it in the comments below.

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