Moving Back to Strava

I’ve tried a lot of running apps, some I’ve liked, some I’ve hated. I really liked the Nike Run Club one for a while and used it for well over 6 months. Unfortunately though there are some features that stopped working and it just became buggy and annoying. Yes, it’s totally free and it offers you a lot with that in mind, but if something doesn’t do what you want then then free or not, it’s not worth it.

Strava has had a bit of flack recently for most of it’s features moving behind a pay wall. You can still use the app to track your runs for free but for the juicy analytics as well as access to Segments and heart rate training information, you’ll need to subscribe. This isn’t something that bothers me. I completely understand that for developers to be able to continually work on improving an app they are going to need to be paid for this (right?!) and a subscription model makes the most sense, in my opinion. I have always found that apps with monthly subscriptions receive much more frequent updates that apps that cost up front but then are free to use after that initial fee. The subscription can be billed monthly or annually. As with most subscription models, you’ll receive a discount if you subscribe annually (around 40%), with the annual subscription being £47.99 and the monthly £6.99. Strava also has a one month free trial right now, which I’ve made use of to make sure I’m happy with it before becoming a paying subscriber.

I’ve had a bit of a break from running after an injury back in June and had my first post-injury run a couple of weeks ago, I’m glad to say I feel a lot better and it seems to be completely healed. I’ve used Strava for every run, including that one and I’m pleased with the information you get fed back to you after each completed activity. It’s much more detailed than any app I’ve used previously, giving me information on heart rate zones, splits and where I compare to my previous runs. The social aspect is really nice as I can see my husband and friends runs and cheer them on.

I use the Strava Apple Watch app to log my runs and then the iOS app to view the stats afterwards and I have to say, I’m impressed. There have been zero syncing issues, no cases of runs being deleted mysteriously or appearing as half completed. It’s just been a really great experience so far and I’m quietly confident that I won’t be flitting to another running app again.

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