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Up until Friday of last week I hosted my blog on Squarespace. I’ve now moved back to and couldn’t be happier about it. I actually previously had my blog on WordPress, albeit I had a different domain name and this was well over a year ago, and only moved to Squarespace because I had heard it was simple to use and honestly, I was curious about it as a blogging platform.

I didn’t have any issues in the year I was with Squarespace, I was pretty happy with my theme (granted, they don’t have a lot of choices but I found one I liked) and I wasn’t even particularly bothered about paying £15 a month. Although looking back, that was a lot of money to be spending on hosting and domain and I’m paying way less now. What really made me start to question whether Squarespace was where I wanted my blog to be was when I started using Ulysses to write my blog posts. It was like a switch went off in my brain as I discovered just how much automation I was missing out on. (FYI: You can publish directly to WordPress from Ulysses) Publishing from Ulysses straight to my blog was something I immediately wanted to be able to utilise and I knew staying with Squarespace wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I mulled it over for about a week before I finally bit the bullet and that only happened when it did down to the timing of a new episode of one of my favourite podcasts; A Slab of Glass. Chris and Jeff spoke about how Squarespace just isn’t the right platform for bloggers, especially when you’re looking for automation and I knew all too well what they meant. That was it. I immediately started looking for WP hosting deals and found one pretty quickly, which happened to be with my previous WP hosting provider, IONOS, with an amazing deal. I set the account up, exported my blog and transferred my domain from Squarespace, cancelling my account with them.

Within an hour I had moved my website from one platform to another and imported my content. I didn’t have a theme setup or have it even remotely how I wanted it but the part I thought would be the most annoying was done and it was a breeze! The whole process was much less stressful than I had anticipated and what had seemed like a somewhat scary move suddenly became a thing of excitement.

I spent the following four hours (at least!) choosing a theme and then customising it the way I wanted it, only to then change my mind and redesign it three days later. I have a project on Toggl called ‘blog admin’ which I use to log time spent on design, social media etc and I’ve spent around 18 hours this week on customisation alone. I wanted the font to be just right, the colours to be not too bright or harsh on the eyes but still aesthetically pleasing. In truth, I just loving tinkering around on the internet and I always have for as long as I can remember. I love writing and putting new content out but I also love the excitement of setting a new website up. Getting things just so and playing with different styles. I’m no developer but I’ve played around with HTML a fair bit over the years and it’s funny how that stuff just sticks with you, even when your knowledge level isn’t the greatest.

I’ve tried my hand at a bit of CSS since switching to WP too, something I’ve found to be a lot of fun. So much so that I’ve started watching YouTube videos to hopefully teach me some more. I’m starting with HTML because I would like to have a proper knowledge base of sorts, rather than just stuff I learned almost ten years ago that I’ve hung onto. I’m taking lots of notes and I’m excited to learn something new, especially something that I can utilise within my blog.

I’m very happy to be back with WordPress and to be able to post directly from my writing app of choice directly to my blog. It really does save me a lot of time and I love being able to automate where possible. WordPress is definitely my favourite blogging platform of choice (after trying Blogger, and Squarespace over the years!) and I won’t be making the mistake of moving again!

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  • I have been having the exact same feelings. I’m on Squarespace, I have 3 sites with them. And while I like to no hassle using them for my business website, my blog just doesn’t feel right. I think as soon as my year comes to an end I might move it over to wordpress. I used wordpress for my business site and it was great.

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