My 3 Favourite iPad Apps | February

Drafts – I’m actually using this app right now to write this blog post. Drafts is a great note-taking app that is available on the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. It allows you to take notes really quickly and categorise them as well as add tags to make them searchable. Another aspect of this app that I love is that you can use your voice to add a note and it will transcribe your recording for you, great if you have an idea you need to get down but can’t type it for whatever reason. This is a free app and it’s got a lot of really useful features, great for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

Shortcuts – I love the Shortcuts app and I use it a lot. I’ve even created some of my own shortcuts, for example, I have one in Things that creates a to-do list from a template of actions that I need to complete when I create a new blog post. The Shortcuts gallery has some awesome ones too, I have one that I can use to create a reminder to tell me when my washing machine has finished its cycle and I can customise it to tell it what cycle I’ve set it on. If this is making zero sense to you and you haven’t seen or heard of Shortcuts then definitely give it a Google, it’s a great app with a lot of useful shortcuts that you can use to improve your life. Whether that’s productivity or just making something easier to access.

YouTube – Probably a bit of a no brainer but I really like watching YouTube videos on my iPad, I have a little beanbag which is specifically for resting your iPad on, I think it’s called a cosy pumpkin or something like that. I found it on Amazon for around ten pounds or so and it’s great for using my iPad in bed or lounging on the sofa.

In case you’re curious, I have the iPad Pro 10.5 inch and if you’re looking to get an iPad whether for general use or for blogging, I really recommend the size of this one. I think the 11-inch would also be a really good size. What I love about my iPad is that it’s a convenient size for me to take out with me so I wouldn’t suggest getting something too big if that’s what you’re planning on doing too.

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