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If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you’ll know that I recently upgraded my working from home setup. Mostly due to the current worldwide situation, I’m working from home full time now, but also because I do regularly work from home anyway and it’s something I’ve felt would be beneficial for a while now.

Working from a small 13-inch laptop screen is fine for occasional use but for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, bigger is better. For this reason I opted for a 27 inch HD monitor and I went with this Dell one from Curry’s. It was a decent price,the same size as my monitor in work and good quality to boot. I’m really happy with it and wish I had got it sooner to be honest. Working on a big screen again after 5 weeks of just my laptop screen is brilliant and I don’t know why I stuck with such a small screen for so long.

When it came to choosing a keyboard I actually ended up with two. One that I’ve had a little while and another that I purchased at the same time as the monitor, only from Amazon. The new keyboard I bought is the Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard. This is an RGB keyboard with 6 programmable keys and excellent tactile feedback despite it not actually being a mechanical keyboard. Although it feels very similar to one in my opinion. With that being said, it is quite loud and whilst the noise isn’t a problem for me personally (I actually love the sound of a loud keyboard), I found if I was on a conference call whilst typing, others could hear me typing a bit too much. So unfortunately, I had to revert to my less noisy keyboard, the Microsoft 600 Wired Keyboard.

I really like this keyboard though and love the dedicated calculator button, located directly above the number pad. I use it a lot and find it comes in very handy. This isn’t a totally flat style keyboard so you still get a good amount of feedback with the keys but it’s nowhere near as noisy as the G213. I may swap back to the G213 in future when I’m not on quite as many calls perhaps, because I love the RGB backlighting and the combinations you can achieve with this keyboard. It definitely adds a bit of fun to my WFH setup and I do miss that with the Microsoft keyboard.

For my mouse I’m using the Logitech M185 Wireless USB mouse. I’ve had this for a while and used it when working from home with just my laptop previously. It’s quite a small mouse but it fits nicely in your hand (if, like me you have small hands) and is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable for all day use. It’s also plug and play which is great, you plug in the tiny usb attachment and bam it’s connected. No fuss, no muss.

In conjunction with this mouse I’m also using a mouse mat with a wrist support. I use something similar in my office and I’ve found my wrist and hand have suffered over these past weeks when I’ve been working without it, so it’s nice to have it again. I’d really recommend a mouse mat like this if you don’t already have one.

Now that all of the newly purchased tech is covered I can talk about the three final components of my WFH setup. My desk, desk lamp and chair. The desk is new, but very simple which is all I needed and I only had a certain amount of room. I went with the IKEA Linnmon table top and legs in the 100cm x 60cm size table, in white. I’m really happy with this desk, it fits the space perfectly and has enough room for everything I need as well as my 12.9 iPad Pro which I use for music/podcasts whilst I work. My chair is from Argos (at the time of writing this they only have the grey colour in stock but I actually have the black) and is one I’ve had for a while. It’s actually the same chair I use in my desk setup for my iMac, I just moved it to my WFH desk for now as I have another chair I can use for my iMac and it made sense to have the comfier chair be the one I use for work.

The desk light is a new addition and it’s from Amazon. It’s an LED lamp with 5 colour temperatures meaning that you can switch between warm and cool light as when you need to. It has a flexible gooseneck which is great for aiming it where I need it and the brightness is great. Perfect for grey rainy days like we’ve been having lately, at least in the UK.

Well there you have it, my new working from home setup. I’m really happy to have a proper space to work from now. It’s made a huge difference and I feel much more productive now that I have a bigger screen to work from. There’s just something about being about to have two Excel spreadsheets open at once and not feel compromised on screen real estate.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.

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