New Apps to Me | March

I’m back with another post that kicks off a new monthly series (on months where I discover new apps at least!). If you missed my iPad & iPhone Games post last week then you can check it out here. That post was the first in a monthly series I’m planning on doing covering the different games I’m playing month on month. I really like posts like this because not only do they give me a chance to share what I’m currently using but they’re also a way to document when I started using a particular app, which is cool.

I struggled with a title for this series for a while but “new apps to me” made the most sense to me in the end because whilst some of the apps I feature *may* be new to the App Store, some of them might not be and may simply just be new to me and I wanted the freedom to be able to cover both.

So let’s kick off with probably my favourite new app of the month and one I’m using right now; iA Writer. I’ve previously mentioned that I used Drafts for all of my writing, including my blog posts and I still absolutely love that app and use it almost every day, just in a different way. I now use iA Writer for all of my blog posts and I really like the setup I have now. I love the design and the simplicity of this app, it’s a clean, text editor that supports Markdown text. Meaning you can type and format your text without leaving your keyboard. It’s a great way of typing and one that I couldn’t move away from now I use it. It’s available on both iPhone and iPad for £8.99 as one download that is then available for use on both devices. It’s also available on Mac for £28.99. I have it on all three devices and I’m really happy with this app. It’s very clean and provides a distraction-free environment which is truly, what every writer needs.


I believe I discovered Notion from Chris over at DailyTekk. It’s a great note-taking app with incredible functionality. You can create multiple workspaces (paid for plan) although I manage just fine with the one you get on the free plan. There are a bunch of templates you can use, for example, database, list, calendar. You can basically create a folder, add in a note about your content for the month for your blog lets say and then add in a calendar page where you can select each day you will be posting content and input that within the calendar template. You can have multiple pages under one folder/project, use emojis and lists within and basically use Notion as a one a stop shop for organising projects. It’s way too function-rich to talk about in a post like this, so download it and have a play around for yourself because I guarantee you, you will love what it has to offer.


I recently discovered the Pomodoro Technique for helping you focus on work and tasks and Forest is an app which puts this method into a fantastic format. The Pomodoro Technique, or focus timing, is very simple. It’s working in periods of around 25 minutes without distraction, at the end of the 25 minutes you get a five-minute break and then you repeat. You ideally want to complete four of these 25-minute sessions and then you can have a longer break of say, 20 minutes. I really like this method of working, I find it helps me focus more and I’m less distracted by other things because I know I always have a break coming up. If you want to know more about the Pomodoro method then a Google search is your best bet. Forest allows you to set a focus session (I usually do 30/45 minutes) and within each session, you complete you earn a virtual tree for your virtual forest. The more you complete the more dense your forest. If you cancel the timer before the session is complete your tree for that session dies. You also earn coins to spend in the Forest Store where you can actually pay for a real tree to be planted, pretty cool right? If you struggle with keeping focus on one task at a time, give this a try. it’s £1.99 and it’s been a total game-changer for me, for both my day job and my side job!

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