New Posting Schedule

So up until now I’ve been posting just as and when but I think I might try out more of a set schedule. I’m going to try out posting once a week, which is a less than I’m posting at the moment but I feel like once a week is something I can always achieve and it will mean I can plan my content out a bit better.

I’m not too bothered about ensuring I post one post from all of the topics that my blog covers, I still want my writing to be organic and stuff that I’m passionate to write about at that time, rather than just for the purpose of getting a post up that has to be about Bullet Journaling, for example.

Let me know if you’ve got a schedule for your blog and how you find it, or if you’re a reader and would like this more than what I do now. I’m going to try out a new post every Sunday for now and see how I go.

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