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I wrote a blog post last week about starting Couch to 5K and getting into running so it feels only right to do one on my running essentials. The kit that I use every run and quite frankly couldn’t be without. Before starting running I did my research and made a note of the things I saw most runners use and then hunted around for the best bargains.

First up was of course a good pair of running shoes, initially I just used a cheapy pair of Asics I found on Amazon, but for my birthday this year I got a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V9* running shoes. They feel like you’re running on a cloud, probably due to the thick, foam sole. The fit is perfect and provides plenty of support, which is important to me as I run outdoors on pavement. I have some other New Balance non running trainers that I wear all the time and love, definitely a brand I would recommend.

Probably the second most important bit of kit, at least in my opinion, is a running belt. A little place to put your phone, keys and anything else you might need to take out with you. Super convenient and comfy too! This one* is super cheap and has two zip compartments as well as a little hole for your headphone cable if you’re not using wireless ones.

Last but certainly not least, wireless headphones. These ones* were around £20 on Amazon and I honestly have zero complaints. They last at least two weeks worth of runs from one charge and the sound quality is amazing. Of course any headphones will suffice and if you’re not doing Couch to 5K and don’t mind running without music then you don’t really need headphones at all, but wireless ones are definitely the way to go if you’re big on music when you run. No wires getting tangled, no disconnecting from your phone as you’re running. It’s just a better experience all round.

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