Switching from Spotify to Apple Music

I’ve been a Spotify user for years and whilst I’ve never had a problem with it, becoming so deep within the Apple ecosystem made me consider why I wasn’t using Apple Music. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it before, because I’d just always had Spotify and hasn’t ever thought about what an alternative had to offer me but after coming across a couple of articles about Apple Music lately I started thinking about it a bit more. Eventually, I decided that as Apple Music offers a three-month free trial I thought I would at least give it a go and see how I liked it.

Apple Music and Spotify are really quite similar, they cost similar amounts each month, depending what type of account you go for and they both offer millions of songs to stream. You can also download playlists and albums from both platforms to play offline but where Apple Music differs is that you can also add your own music which is then integrated within your music library, meaning you have a one stop shop for all of your music. This is something I completely forgot you could even do to be honest. iPod and iTunes seem so long ago now and streaming has just become the norm and I forgot about being able to add music to my phone that isn’t available on Apple Music/Spotify.

Surprisingly there are actually some songs and albums that you can’t get on either platform and it’s nice that once you’ve obtained them in the old fashioned way you can add them to your Apple Music library with all your streamed music and not have to switch between devices. I’ve actually ended up rediscovering a load of music I had already in my phone that I had forgotten about simply because at some point in the past I had become annoyed with needing to switch between iTunes and Spotify and therefore had just stuck with Spotify, forgetting about the songs that weren’t on there entirely. What I really like about Apple Music is that you can have a playlist with both streamed and owned music in it, something that you cannot do on the Spotify app. I also just really like using stuff that is truly designed to work with all my other Apple stuff. For example I used to use a bunch of different third party apps from to-do list apps to mail clients but eventually went back to the Apple mail app, simply because it meshes with my devices better. I also used to use Wunderlist but when iOS13 came out with a refreshed version of Reminders I swapped right away and would never look back. For me, I guess I use like using the stuff that is truly designed for the device I’m using, there’s just something about that I really like.

Now if like me, you’ve been using Spotify for a long time and have never even given Apple Music a thought but are now and are wondering how easy it is to swap playlists etc over then look no further. I did this in around 10 minutes and have a lot of playlists, some of which contain nearly 500 songs. I did a bit of googling and came across an app called SongShift which quite frankly is amazing. It made switching over a dream, you connect both of the accounts you want to transfer with, in my case my Spotify and Apple Music account although it offers a lot of other options too and then select which playlists, albums etc you want to transfer and it’s done. It honestly could not have been a smoother process and I was genuinely surprised at just how little effort it took.

Whilst I’m still well within the trial period I really don’t think I will be switching back to Spotify. I love having all of my music in one place and I don’t think it’s something I would be willing to give up now, especially considering I’d be paying the same price. If you have an Apple device and haven’t given Apple Music a go, I say take advantage of the 3 month trial and try it out for yourself. It takes a bit of getting used to after being so used to Spotify but after that interim period, I think you’ll find it hard to want to switch back.

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