What I’m Most Excited for in iOS 14

In case you missed it, Apple’s WWDC Keynote came out on Monday and they announced a lot of great new features in the upcoming iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and macOS Big Sur. Of course they announced a bunch of cool stuff on top of this and it goes without saying I’m looking forward to it all but today I want to specifically cover the features I’m most excited for in iOS 14.

Home Screen Widgets

Sure widgets already exist within iOS but not like this. With iOS 14 you’ll be able to have newly designed widgets on your home screen with your other apps. I’m so excited to see this in person and I think it will be really useful to have widgets actually sharing information rather than just having an app in it’s place where you have to go into it to get information. It will make things a lot more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing to boot.

App Library

Now I’ve seen a few people say they aren’t keen on this feature as it doesn’t allow any input from the user, it simply organises your apps based on the category they fall into. So if you’re someone who has all of your work apps in a folder but say that includes Twitter, this might not be something you are keen on as with the App Library it will organise Twitter into the Social Media category. Personally, this doesn’t bother me. I think the way that the App Library sorts apps makes sense from an organisational perspective and I’m looking forward to it sorting me apps for me rather than having to do it myself.

App Clips

This is a pretty awesome addition if you ask me. How many apps have you downloaded just to do one thing, like pay for a bill in a restaurant or rent a bike etc? There’s going to be a lot more use cases than this I’m sure but with App Clips, downloading these apps looks like it will be a thing of the past. App Clips allows you to use only a portion of the app, without downloading it. You can sign in with Apple meaning no account creation required, do the task you need to do and then that’s it. You’re done.

I’m really looking forward to the release of iOS 14 and I think I’ll find it very hard not to install the Public Beta when it comes out.

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