Why Blogging on an iPad Pro CAN Be Better Than Blogging on a Laptop

iPads are smaller, lighter and more compact to take with you meaning you can take your iPad to work with you and write on your lunch break, edit photos on your commute and plan content on your journey home. A more portable device gives you more freedom to blog where you want. Fancy heading out to a coffee shop? No need to lug a laptop with you, just take your iPad.

Going away and want to be able to blog as well? No need to worry about a laptop weighing down your bag when you have an iPad which weighs probably almost 3/4 less if not more. I’m a huge fan of the iPad and all it has to offer, especially now we have iPadOS and dedicated mouse support after last weeks release of iOS/iPadOS 13.4.

For me the times I have struggled with blogging there have been a couple of factors that have been at play each time:

  • Writers Block

  • Can’t be bothered to get my laptop out, set it up, plug it in etc

That might sound super lazy, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Don’t get me wrong, I still love and use my MacBook Pro when I need to but by far my favourite device of choice when it comes to writing is my iPad. It’s already charged as I use it for a bunch of other stuff and the keyboard is always attached because it also acts as the case. I just open the case, flip the keyboard down and I’m good to go.

There is just something about it that makes me more inclined to write, mainly that I generally just enjoy the experience. One of the main things that makes blogging on the iPad so great is being able to use a keyboard. I have the Apple Smart Keyboard and I absolutely love it. I love using the Smart Keyboard, which I know not everyone is a fan of but I actually really enjoy typing on it. When it comes to keyboards I like flat style keys and so of course the Apple Smart Keyboard was always going to appeal to me. The keys are very flat and make that perfect light tapping noise we all secretly (or not so secretly as the case may be) love.

I’m just such a big fan of the iPad in general but for blogging it’s been a total game changer for me. Never have I been so consistent with writing as I have been since I got my iPad Pro.

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