Why I Won’t Be Getting the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

I’m a big fan of Apple products, which is definitely something you will be aware of if you follow my blog. However, there is one product that I have zero interest in purchasing— the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

Now pretty much every tech blogger has this keyboard for their iPad Pro and for the most part raves about it but it’s just not something I’m interested in. I love my Smart Keyboard Folio, I love the keys. (I’ve said before that I’m a big fan of low profile keyboards, where the keys are almost flat. Those are my favourite style of keyboard, the exception being my Logitech G213 which is super clicky.) They feel super nice to type on in my opinion and I love how quiet they are. I do a lot of typing on my iPad and feel like I can really vouch for the SKF keyboard. I’ve typed multiple blog posts on it and it’s always a joy to type on, I know not everyone is a fan of the keys but for me, they are perfect.

Another thing I love about the SKF is how light it is and how easy it is to just flip the keyboard back on itself to use the iPad in tablet mode, or alternatively just take the case off entirely. I use my iPad in tablet mode a lot for drawing in Procreate and I never have an issue with the SKF because it’s so effortless to change from typing to tablet mode. That is one big thing that put me off of the MGFIP. It’s a keyboard for those who want to make their iPad a laptop or who predominately use the iPad for typing and that doesn’t fit my profile. Sure, you can take the case off but for me that’s just annoying. I want the case on my iPad all the time because it’s an expensive bit of kit. I certainly don’t want to spend £300 on a keyboard that I have to take off and on all the time.

Another thing that I’m also not super fussed on is having a trackpad, I have the Logitech Pebble mouse and it’s fantastic. It connects via bluetooth, it’s precise and it’s compact, perfect for on the go. It also looks really nice, in my opinion. I don’t use a mouse with my iPad all the time, mainly just for writing as it’s easier to highlight and select with a mouse I find, but for the most part I’m happy just touching the screen to select stuff.

With all that being said I guess it’s pretty easy to see why I won’t be blowing £300 on something I really don’t need, or want.

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